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Our main online and simulation projects: 2005-2012

Projecting Social Care in Wales
In conjunction with Landman Economics, we've just completed a major piece of work for the Welsh Assembly Government on modelling the finance of social care.
Modelling Belgium
With the MEFISTO model (Modelling and Evaluating Flanders' FIscal and Social TOmorrow), users can assess the distributional and budgetary effects of planned socio-economic policy changes on the Flemish population. For instance, users can check if a planned policy change increases the inequality of the Flemish population. They will also be able to check how the global distribution of income changes.
OSCR - Virtual Worlds Affordability Model
We've just completed a major piece of work for the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator (OSCR) on modelling the ability the ability of beneficiaries to afford fees charged by charities.
ADRS Online
Multi-period micro-, macro- and integrated micro/macro simulations producing forecasts for income distributions, employment, aggregate output and much more for up to twelve years. (Models require a subscription).
African Tax-Benefit Models
A wide ranging project organised by the United Nations to help build microsimulation capacity in Africa. (Publicly available).
An online simulation of the Russian tax-benefit system. (Publicly available).
An extremely detailed and innovative simulation of the Northern Irish legal aid system. (Not publically available due to data confidentiality requirements).
A powerful microsimulation model of the Scottish legal aid system. (Not publically available due to data confidentiality requirements).
An educational simulation putting you in charge of a company fighting to survive against international competition. (Requires subscription).

Older work

Virtual Economy
One of our earliest simulations. You are the chancellor! Still in use today, but not updated in several years. (Publicly available).
Virtual Chancellor
An alternative version of Virtual Economy we wrote as a technology test. It's more up-to-date and arguably easier to use. (Publicly available).

In the past, we've also produced a variety of simulations for amongst others, the BBC, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, and Biz/ed. As is the way with the Web, sometimes these are no longer maintained, but we keep an old demonstrations page containing links to many of them. Some may still be live, and some may not.